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In an area such as Sierra Minera, located in Cartagena-La Unión, damaged by mining, the project aims at fostering sustainable tourism which will contribute to overcoming the environmental deficit of the area and which will offer an alternative to the prevailing model of mass tourism.

Being a pioneer project in our Sierra, it binds a first experience of recovery of the facilities of two mines which have great hereditary interest, together with the environmental restoration of areas damaged by mining, and the starting of ecocultural tourism alternatives, trying to find a strategy of sustainable development of the area.

The goal is to settle the bases for local rational developmet, which will not compromise its resources and which can count on the participation of its local people, fostering a tourist activity which can minimize environmental costs through the sustainable use of its own nature and the cultural inheritance it possesses.

1.- To articulate a strategy of development of an environmental and cultural tourism evaluating environmental impact and how much the area could bear.

Castillete Mina Matilde
2.- To identify and promote the recovery of livestock pathways and public tracks which constitute the network which will make possible the connection and tourist use of the places that have a natural or cultural interest in the area.

3.- To make a pioneer experience of restoration and recovery of the mining inheritance for sustainable tourist use.

4.- To establish the organizational bases for an integrated tourist product of quality with genuine respect for the environment.

5.- To generate knowledge, methodologies and techniques which will allow for the use of similar measures in the rest of the Sierra Minera and other places affected by a similar set of issues.

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