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Proyecto JARA

Gestation Process

The Jara Project originated in October 2000, when the Sierra Minera Foundation took part in the call to the European LIFE-Programme with the back-up of three ministries of the Autonomous Community of the Murcia Region – in particular the ministries of Environment, Culture and Tourism – and CajaMurcia. The project integrates an ambitious number of actions in Sierra Minera and, above all, it gives way to a plan on which the Foundation has been working since the final phase of the Araar Project, as it is the project elaborated in 1999 in cooperation with a team of architects and biologists for the restoration of the Matilde and Blanca Mines as well as their surroundings in the Cartagena area of El Beal.

Presentación Pública del Proyecto JARA en la Asamblea Regional
Public Presentation of The Jara Project in The Regional Congress Hall

In October 2001, the Project was once more put forward for the call to LIFE – Environment Programme, this time under the support of the Cartagena Town Hall, as well as the three ministries mentioned before and the CajaMurcia Foundation, and in December 2002 it was approved by the European Commission, with a foreseeable duration of 33 months, up to the year 2005.

During the year 2003 the Project was set in motion by putting into practice the plans it regulated. In December, the cooperation agreement was regularized. The parts involved were the Sierra Minera Foundation and the Autonomous Community of the Murcia Region - together with its three ministries, the Cartagena Town Hall and the CajaMurcia Foundation. In April 2004 the project was made public in the Regional Congress Hall.
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