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Actión 4

Creation of an integrated service of alternative tourism of Sierra Minera with a strong ecocultural character.

The aim is to establish the organizational bases for an integrated tourist product of quality, with a genuine ecocultural character, respectful for the environment, creating resources, equipment and instruments which will make knowledge of the Sierra easier from its recreational and educational aspects.

With this purpose, after the mines have been restored, two actions will be taken:

1.- The creation of a mining-environmental Information Centre in the Matilde Mine which will be provided with interpretative features such as panels, posters, ecograms and explanations on how to use them.

Interior del centro


2.- The starting of an Integrated Service of ecotourism and cultural tourism bound to the Foundation which will offer itineraries and guided activities in the area of the Sierra together with the channeling of demands that will exist within the tourist initiatives developed. This will imply the creation of 3 to 10 new employments. Prior to this, a training course will be held for guides to specialize in ecotourism.

Visita Mina La Paz

Vista de la Sierra

Promotion and spreading of the tourist offer through schools, associations, local based institutions and the hotel and catering trade sector, fostering a tourist image of the product with a strong ecocultural character.

These actions will foster an ecocultural tourist offer alternative to the mass tourism ruling the coast of Cartagena and will enable controlled growth of tourist influx in Sierra Minera, which will have a possitive effect on local economy, generating direct and indirect employment.
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