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Action 3

Matilde Mine restoration and environmental renovation of the area.


This is the most important action within the project because it proposes a pioneer experience which combines recovery of the mining inheritance and environmental and landscape restoration of the area.

This action’s final goal is to use the Matilde Mine and its surroundings, after they have been restored, as resources for cultural tourism and environmental education orientated to visitors and to the local people. An Information Centre will be sited in this mine. It will include an integrated service of ecocultural tourism and the offer of several itineraries and different activities.

The Matilde Mine is located in the mining area of El Beal, very close to the San Quintin or Blanca Mine. Both are mines with similar characteristics. Since the beginning of the XX century, water was extracted for drainage of this mining deep valley, although it is true that they were originally created for the extraction of lead between 1864 and 1871. They are important for their hereditary value, the beauty of their emblematic metal castles and the beauty of the landscapes in which they are situated.

Vista del Mar Menor

The Cartagena Town Hall through agreement with the owners has acquired ownership of the Matilde Mine and has made a surrender of use to the Sierra Minera Foundation so that it can develop the project.

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