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Action 2

Recovery of livestock pathways and public tracks in the Sierra Minera area.

Nowadays, this forsaken network of paths is of public ownership and is not only valuable for its tourist use but because it also serves as a net of natural tracks which connect and avoid isolation of the different natural locations that exist in the area.

Colada Cabezo Rajao

The objectives are:

• To promote the recovery of livestock pathways and public tracks with an eco-cultural interest.

• To make connection and tourist use of the places possible from a natural and cultural point of view.

• To promote sustainable use of the natural and cultural inheritance in Sierra Minera, increasing the number of visitors.

1.- The study of livestock pathways and public tracks in Sierra Minera. Compilation of historic data based on documented cartographic facts. Field work for locating old ways. Cartography of the actual network.

2.- Necessary paperwork for demarcation of livestock pathways which are under the control of the competent regional administrations.
3.- Project of recovery and adptation of pathways for public use: signalling livestock pathways and public tracks in Sierra Minera through the use of interpretation features on the routes.
To promote use of these pathways through the media and through material which provides wide information. Landscape work to enlighten sights on particular areas and on livestock pathways and public tracks.
Itinerario Peña del Aguila
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