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Action 1

Design and evaluation of strategies for the development of sustainable tourism

The first task includes several approaches such as environmental evaluation and measures for environmental zoning and social participation instruments, which will define a general frame and a global strategy for the development of sustainable tourism, from which the other actions involved in the process will be contextualized.
The objectives are:

• To complete the stockcheck of resources to be used in the tourist activity.

• To estimate territorial bearability and to establish environmental signs which will allow us to foresee and to assess the impact of these activities in the area.

• To know all possible risks derived from environmental toxicity which will help plan the possible uses.

• To elaborate an agreed strategy which will allow to develop tourist activity in Sierra Minera within a frame of sustainable development, according to ruling territoral laws.
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Torre de estilo Cornish
For this purpose, a number of case studies are being conducted which will provide a careful diagnosis of the possibilities for sustainable tourism in the area:

• Compilation of case studies related to resources and possibilities in the area.

• Stockcheck of biological and environmental resources: fauna, flora, environmental themes of interest, and planning of itineraries for green and cultural tourism.

• Risk analysis and evaluation, mainly those derived from mining waste in the area, establishing a division into zones useful for a planning of the area.

• Evaluation of environmental bearability for the use of tourism.

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